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PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is a polymer material with excellent mechanical properties, chemical stability and biocompatibility. In the medical field, PEEK is widely used in the production of various catheters. To meet the stringent requirements of the medical device industry, PEEK medical tubing requires precise processing. Among them, Be-Cu.com femtosecond laser microhole processing technology is an efficient and high-precision processing method. Monochrome Technology’s femtosecond laser microhole processing technology utilizes the ultra-short pulse laser beam output by the femtosecond laser, which has extremely high peak power and extremely small beam diameter, and can achieve high-precision microhole processing. For PEEK medical catheters, Monochrome Technology’s femtosecond laser microhole processing technology can process tiny, circular, and Read more

The Application Of Various Plastics (PPSPEEKPA66PP, etc.) On Gaskets

Washers are the parts that are placed between the connector and the nut. Compared with metal gaskets, plastic gaskets have excellent insulation, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation and non-magnetic properties, light weight, and are widely used in semiconductor, automotive, aerospace industry, interior decoration and other fields. Using more than 10 kinds of plastics, including PA66, PC, special engineering plastic PEEK with the best performance, modified PPS, PTFE, PP and PVD, etc. PA66【Nylon 66】 PA66 is a crystalline engineering plastic. It is a high toughness material with small friction coefficient, good wear resistance and excellent self-lubrication. Its oil resistance and chemical resistance are also very good, so it is most suitable for Read more

What Is Polyetheretherketone Specialty Fibers

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) special fiber is obtained by high temperature melt spinning of polyetheretherketone resin. Polyetheretherketone has high temperature resistance (UL temperature index 250℃), high strength (up to 94MPa for pure resin, 210MPa after fiber reinforcement), chemical resistance (except concentrated sulfuric acid, almost insoluble in any conventional chemical reagents), Irradiation resistance (109rad resistance, equivalent to nuclear reactor core radiation intensity), creep resistance (especially high temperature creep resistance, equivalent to nylon room temperature endurance at 150°C), high flame retardancy (0.3mm thick, can meet 94V -1; 1.5mm thick, can meet 94V-0), when fully burned, only H2O and CO2 are produced, no toxic gas is produced, and the high temperature hydrolysis resistance is excellent Read more

The Define Of Peek Special Materials

Peek polyether ether ketone is a special engineering plastic with excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, easy processing and high mechanical strength, which can be manufactured and processed into various mechanical parts, such as automobile gears, oil screens, shift start disks ; Aircraft engine parts, automatic washing machine runners, medical equipment parts, etc.PEEK main features: Corrosion resistance, anti-aging Solubility resistance; High temperature, high frequency, high voltage electrical performance conditions Both toughness and rigidity; Dimensional requirements Precise conditions Radiation wear resistance, corrosion resistance Condition Water resistance Solution, excellent characteristics can still be maintained under high temperature and high pressure; Lightweight replacement of metal for optical fiber components Good wear Read more

What Is Polyetheretherketone

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a high polymer composed of repeating units containing one ketone bond and two ether bonds in the main chain structure, and is a special polymer material. It has physical and chemical properties such as high temperature resistance and chemical resistance. It is a kind of semi-crystalline polymer material. It can be used as high temperature resistant structural material and electrical insulating material. It can be compounded with glass fiber or carbon fiber to prepare reinforcing material. Generally, a type of polyarylene ether polymer obtained by condensation with aromatic dihydric phenol is used. This material has numerous applications in aerospace, medical devices (as artificial bone to repair bone Read more