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Micro-Pinhole Machining PEEK Material

Pinjin CNC machining micro-holes with a diameter of 0.4mm, and the center of the micro-holes is 0.65mm away from the X axis and 0.8mm in the Y axis.

Quality Requirements For Workpiece Machining
no burrs on the surface, high requirements for hole roundness and center distance position accuracy.
Difficulties In The Machining Of Workpieces
CNC Machining problems such as burrs and deformations that are prone to occur in material Machining, require high cnc machining technology and tools.
The Requirements Of The Workpiece For The Machine Tool
high comprehensive precision of machine tool assembly, precise acceleration and deceleration control, high machining accuracy, high repeatability of machine tool positioning accuracy, and good spindle high-speed runout and vibration suppression performance.
The Machining Technology Of The Workpiece
This Machining uses a drill with a diameter of 0.4mm, and adopts effective process methods in terms of drilling depth, spindle speed, feed rate, etc. during machining to ensure that the hole diameter accuracy and the position of the hole are not offset. No deformation, high precision

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