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PEEK Automation Equipment Accessories

PEEK, a material located at the apex of the plastic pyramid, currently has fewer companies mastering the PEEK material polymerization process, less than 10 in the world, but the potential market is large. It is understood that the global sales in 2018 reached 6,035 tons. As a high-performance engineering plastic that can replace metal, the application market of PEEK is constantly expanding, and its application in equipment is mainly concentrated in peripheral accessories of automation equipment.

  1. The Chinese chemical name of PEEK material is polyetheretherketone, which has good hardness, tensile strength and fatigue strength, and is often used in aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, PEEK Automation Equipment Accessories and food processing industries.
  2. PEEK material is divided into anti-static PEEK and non-anti-static PEEK, there are coils, plates and bars according to the color is divided into brown-gray, black, white, earth gray and beige.
  3. Brittleness, generally not used in parts with large force.

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