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The Position Of PEEK Material In Aerospace Industries

The Position Of PEEK Material In Aerospace Industries

In a market like the aerospace industry, where building just one new aircraft costs millions of dollars and man-hours, a company will only start to see a return on investment after five to ten years, if it pays off. With such a time span and cost so high, aerospace companies are always looking for ways to make their planes lighter, more fuel-efficient and cost-effective for potential buyers.

One way airlines such as Boeing and Airbus are achieving these goals is by turning to specialty materials such as PEEK to reduce weight while still retaining the properties of metals. Developed in the 1980s, PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is a thermoplastic belonging to the PAEK family, which is heat resistant, has little response to harmful chemicals and radiation, and is comparable in tensile and load strength to titanium and steel.

The advantages of PEEK lie in its mechanical resistance properties, thermal resistance and chemical lightness, as well as essential characteristics in fields such as aerospace, where weight reduction reduces consumption and emissions and increases aircraft efficiency. Weight reduction: PEEK has a density of 1.3g/cm3, less than half that of aluminum (2.7g/cm3). In addition, with its unmatched chemical resistance, components made of PEEK can withstand mechanical stress even in chemically aggressive environments without loss of mechanical properties and without the corrosion phenomena commonly found in metals.

While we may not see airplane wings made entirely of PEEK plastic, it’s safe to say that aircraft use PEEK. Such as gaskets, seals and fittings inside or outside the aircraft. Use a high-strength thermoplastic like PEEK instead of metal, because PEEK is one-fifth the weight of metal and retains the same strength.

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