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Electronic Cigarette PEEK Plastic Parts

Electronic cigarettes, as a mouth-puff electronic product that imitates traditional cigarettes, are mainly composed of batteries, atomizers and plastic parts. At present, the electronic cigarette industry lacks unified standards and strict management mechanisms from research and development to production, and the quality of its products varies. The materials used in electronic cigarette sets include structural parts, electronic parts, packaging materials, and auxiliary materials. Among the materials used, especially for the materials of oral cavity or smoke liquid contact parts, the requirements are higher.Electronic cigarettes use atomizers to turn liquid smoke into steam, which instantly reaches ultra-high temperatures. If the selected materials are not safe, toxic substances will continue to be released during the repeated heating process. For this reason, the contact parts between electronic cigarettes and the human body generally require the selection of medical food grade materials.PEEK is a thermoplastic special engineering plastic, which is FDA certified due to its good mechanical properties, high melting point and biocompatibility. Polyetheretherketone (English name polyetheretherketone, PEEK for short) refers to a linear aromatic semi-crystalline polymer whose macromolecular main chain is composed of aryl groups, ketone bonds and ether bonds, and is a polymer family of “aromatic polyketones”.PEEK is currently used in the field of heat not burn electronic cigarettes in the shell of heat not burn electronic cigarettes, the base of the heating plate, the atomization chamber and other parts. In addition to the PEEK material for the shell and heating base of IQOS, the QOQ of Yanfrog Technology and the CIGRIG of Cigrign are also made of PEEK material.

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