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The widespread use of polymers has transformed our lives over the past 75 years or so. From commodity plastics to high performance polymers (HPP). Like PEEK, both can function in very demanding applications. PEEK not only plays an important role in the plastic part of the antenna port of the iPhone, but also has been widely used in the new HNB smoking set, and is the core raw material for heating peripheral components. Many of China’s top heat-not-burn products are using PEEK’s material solutions. What Is PEEK Material? Polyetheretherketone (English name polyetheretherketone, PEEK for short) refers to a linear aromatic semi-crystalline polymer whose macromolecular main chain is composed of aryl Read more

The Position Of PEEK Material In Aerospace Industries

In a market like the aerospace industry, where building just one new aircraft costs millions of dollars and man-hours, a company will only start to see a return on investment after five to ten years, if it pays off. With such a time span and cost so high, aerospace companies are always looking for ways to make their planes lighter, more fuel-efficient and cost-effective for potential buyers. One way airlines such as Boeing and Airbus are achieving these goals is by turning to specialty materials such as PEEK to reduce weight while still retaining the properties of metals. Developed in the 1980s, PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is a thermoplastic belonging to the Read more