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The Analysis Of PEEK Post Heat Treatment

The Analysis Of PEEK Post Heat Treatment

First of all, in the production of extruded PEEK sheets or PEEK rods, it is more common to select the performance parameters of raw materials, especially the melting point of the raw materials, which involves the flatness of the extruded sheet surface and the roundness of the round bars. High temperature will increase the difficulty of controlling the thickness/flatness/roundness/straightness of extrusion molding, while the profiles made with lower melting point are difficult to have better performance guarantee in terms of performance, so appropriate raw materials The melting point has a great relationship with the control of the forming and size control of the extruded profile;

Secondly, whether the supporting parts of the extrusion machine are coordinated is also related. For example, whether the motor driving the screw push rod is an AC motor or a DC motor. Generally speaking, the AC motor will produce a slight pause, which will have a certain impact on the uniformity of the extrusion speed ( The color becomes darker or the heating is uneven, etc.), while the DC motor has no periodic pause and switching, the extrusion speed is uniform, and the color of the produced profiles is also better;

Again, whether the temperature control of the heating device is stable or not, this is directly related to the stability of the later heat treatment of the profile and the reliability of the mechanical and mechanical properties of the material;

Finally, the heat treatment of the profile is also called the removal of prestress. Generally speaking, the heat treatment temperature is gradually lowered from an oven at 250 degrees to normal temperature. The time of this treatment and the length of time in different temperature ranges are determined according to the size of the plate or round bar. , For round rods with general thickness or large diameter, the baking time will be longer, so that the prestress in the material can be removed. This is because the particles will repel each other from the melting to the cooling molecular structure. The heating is to reduce the molecular structure. The interacting forces cancel out.