If you are looking for PEEK parts or product customized peek cnc machining(milling,cnc turning,5 axis cnc machining) and peek injection services in China, please feel free to contact Pinjin machining peek team.Get Instant Quote:[email protected] .


William Jafferson Clinton

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We are very happy with your management & English communication, you are outstanding in issue solving and fast replier, frankly say you are the best PEEK plastic mold maker and the molding company I have been working up to know


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Hi Allen, Molds work very well good job, I hope you are doing well, as son as I have new project will come to you


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Pinjin peek machining shop is a great in-house machine shop. They have a wide range of peek machining capabilities from milling, turning, EDM, assembly, and more. They are well suited for just about any project including high-volume jobs because of their production cell. Great group to work with all around! Talk to David or Michelle.